Running isn’t all about being quick. But I do so love to set a new PB. Seeing my times fall is testament to all the damn hard work I put in to my training; to getting out there and running week in, week out; whatever the weather and however crappy I feel.

Looking at PBs is an easy way to measure my progress. Of course, there is much more to improving and growing than going faster, but one thing per page, please!

“Good things come to those who race”


10k – 1:09:53 (Leeds Abbey Dash)


1mile – 7:38 (Leeds Golden Mile, track)

5k – 26:44 (Roundhay parkrun)

10k – 54:41 (Leeds Abbey Dash)

10mile – 1:38:37 (Harewood 10 Trail)

half marathon – 2:12:12 (Leeds Half Marathon)


half marathon – 2:09:05 (Silverstone Half Marathon)

20mile – 3:55:54 (East Hull 20)

marathon – 5:27:29 (London Marathon)


Thoughts? Responses? Comments?

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