Star Trek

I am something of a Trekkie and watch the various Star Trek series and films a lot (but not Enterprise. And rarely DS9. And the whale film is weird).

So this morning I had a bit of The Next Generation while I worked. The episode was “Justice” from the first season, featuring the Edo people. I like them for three reasons:

1. Poodle perm mullets.










2. They are friendly. Really friendly.

Worf Edo hug Friendly Edo














3. They run everywhere.

TNG running





And why not? Running gets you where you need to be quicker than walking but, more importantly, it is FUN. The Edo culture is very much about happiness and joy (hence all the ‘friendliness’) and running is a great way to release mood-boosting chemicals. It’s child-like and incredibly natural to run around just because you can.

I’m going to do a lot more running just because I can. I’m fit and capable, nothing hurts and I enjoy it, and that is more than enough reason for running whenever I want.

Live long and prosper.