South Leeds Community Radio

My radio show running on air has been broadcasting for a few weeks now on South Leeds Community Radio. I have been enjoying making it and already I have been getting some encouraging feedback and involvement from other people. Alongside the radio show I am running a group for people to get started with running, and last week was the first session. I was a bit scared about how it would go and if anyone would turn up, but it was fab!

Jill joined me to record my show in the morning and then stayed to help me with the group. As we were getting ready to go my friend James put in a surprise appearance – complete with a tin of his yummy Ginger Crunch for us to enjoy afterwards! Big thanks to you both for support – it was much appreciated.












Most of the group were fellow volunteers from SLCR who had been cajoled into coming along, and there was one lady who, although already a runner, was seeking additional support and guidance. She had heard about running on air through a friend, who in turn is a friend of a volunteer.









So our little group headed off towards Cross Flatts Park. It’s about a 10-minute walk, so we chatted on the way, and then did some warm-up drills when we arrived. Then it was a 1-minute walk, 2-minutes jog session, covering a mile in total to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile. We did our mile in 13:46, so we now have a benchmark to improve upon.

After some stretches we walked back to the station for snacks and pats on the back.












Everyone did really well, and there were a couple of people in particular who surprised and impressed me. They all said they had enjoyed it and promised to come back. Some were even asking about races and there were parkrun sign-ups going on while we were still there!

It was really fun for me to share something that I enjoy so much, and it was great to help others discover the joy of being active. I’m excited to see everyone progress over the next few weeks and months, and I hope they continue to enjoy their running journey with me.


ARGGGHHHHHH!!! There’s going to be a lot of that in the next two weeks. Yep, just two weeks until I run my first marathon. And right on cue I am starting to experience taper madness, also known as maranoia. As well as worrying that I’m doing marathon training wrong, I’m also eating everything in sight, reverting to my lazy ways and generally being a weirdo.

The past week has been nice and steady. By which I mean I haven’t done much.

I managed to get out with the Kirkstall Harriers in what felt like the first time in ages, and ran two other days without worrying too much about where I was going or how fast.

I’ve had more rest days than usual with life getting in the way. On Tuesday I recorded my first radio show for South Leeds Community Radio – check out my running on air page for details. And with our county WI annual meeting on Saturday and Sunday spent watching Formula 1 I had the weekend off from running.

So it’s been a big drop in mileage very quickly, and more taper madness to look forward to! I have felt bad for missing two runs, but on the other hand it won’t do me any harm as such. The only risk now is bursting out of my running kit after eating too much!

Total: 19 miles

(all distances in miles)

Week 15

Monday: 4 (easy + strides)

Tuesday: cross train

Wednesday: 5 (race pace)

Thursday: v short intervals

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3

Sunday: 8



I’m starting to run out of ways to say “oh my, only X weeks left until the marathon”! It’s all getting very real, and very close.

Week 10 has been a step-back week in terms of mileage, but I have raced hard and put in some quality sessions.

I started the week with two rest days, which I really needed after an intense weekend. I probably should have run, or at least gone for a swim, on Tuesday, but nevermind. On Wednesday I led Jill’s beginners’ group as she was away so had a good natter for a few slow miles, and Thursday was a race-pace session in the glorious sunshine. On both days I wore my New Balance Minimus, which I’ve not worn for a while, and they felt amazing.

To start the weekend  rested again on Friday and, miracle of miracles, turned down a free takeaway! This never happens! Saturday I headed to Roundhay parkrun to set a time for the Leeds Race Series, and I got to meet two ace friends of Twitter, so that was fab. The weather was beautiful too – spring was certainly in the air.

And Sunday was the Silverstone Half Marathon. Full race review to follow, but I pushed hard into the wind and got a PB.

I have one more race before the marathon (East Hull 20 this Sunday, although I won’t be racing it), and then a further two long runs – 18 miles and 20 miles. Then, I taper!

Total: 24.7 miles

(all distances in miles)

Week 11

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 5

Wednesday: 5 (race pace)

Thursday: fartlek

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 (Cross Flatts parkrun)

Sunday: 20 (East Hull 20)

I do so enjoy running for running’s sake, but it also opens up a whole host of other opportunities that help to keep me busy, allow me to share my joy and give me a chance to make the most of my skills.

This week has been particularly busy with exciting extra-curricular running things.

On Wednesday I went to the first session in the radio production course at South Leeds Community Radio. Over the next few weeks I will be learning how to use the equipment so that I can present my very own show. It will be about running, obviously. It was great to spend time with a great bunch of people who are really passionate about the community and are dedicated to helping others in all sorts of ways. They already have a fantastic range of programmes going out over the internet, and with all the enthusiasm and ideas coming together from more new people like myself it is going to get even better.

On Friday afternoon I spent some time in Roundhay Park and Leeds city centre being filmed for a promo video for Le Tour Grand Depart. It’s mega exciting for the county to be hosting this acclaimed international sporting event, and the city council is creating a video to highlight sports and sights in our area. It was great fun and I also got to hang out with some running friends.

I have also been very excited this week to have my first race reviews published on the RaceDay website. This is a great-looking and very useful website that lists all sorts of races across the country. You can sign up for a profile to link with other runners, add your name to the races you are running, and also submit your own blogs.

And finally, following on from my appearance on the Chester Chronicle website ahead of the Four Villages Half Marathon I got a text from grandma to say she was reading about me in the paper! I have yet to work out whether it was the pre-race or post-race photo and words I sent over but mum is going to get a copy and post it up to me.

Phew! I have also managed to run, work, eat, sleep, watch Star Trek and knit. So overall, a pretty successful week!