Here it is, my first DNS (did not start) of my running career.

Kielder Marathon is just six weeks away and I have done zero specific training. Nada. Zilch. Not a damn thing.

So I’m pulling out.

I’ll lose the £32.50 I already paid for my entry. But I won’t have to spend £40 on Saturday night accommodation, £50 on petrol and at least five hours driving.

I could have still done it with a run-walk-run-walk-walk-walk kinda strategy. and I genuinely wouldn’t have minded taking six or seven hours to complete it – the scenery looks absolutely stunning – but it simply comes down to a lot of time and money for something my heart just isn’t that bothered about.

What I need to do now is regain my confidence, enthusiasm and commitment to running, and to put more effort into being fit and healthy in other ways. I’ve let a lot of things slide recently and it’s getting to me. I only have myself to blame so here re-starts the focus on getting into better shape for future challenges.

Kielder Marathon – see you another year.


I didn’t like London Marathon because of the crowds, the noise and the flat, but I did like the distance. So I’m very excited to be running my second marathon in 16 weeks.

Training starts today for Kielder Marathon – a lap of Kielder Water in Northumberland that is off-road, hilly and incredibly scenic. And there are only around 3,000 runners. It’s going to be amazing!

My plan this time is a Hal Higdon one. No intensive speedwork like I attempted, and mostly failed at, last time, but hill, tempo or intervals once a week. I’m very excited to get started with a proper training regime again – it has been too easy the past few weeks to skip runs, become a bit lazy and eat too much because I haven’t been training for anything specific.

As always, I have lots of races coming up to keep me entertained – everything from summer relays and one-mile track events, to obstacle races and a few 10-milers.