Week 6 has been pretty straightforward. I missed one session and cut two others a bit short due to a cold, but I think that’s fair enough. My legs are getting to know the schedule now and aren’t putting up too much of a fight. I did get a slight injury thanks to a mischievious branch at parkrun, and I was feeling quite down at the end of the week, but hugs from some good friends helped.












It has also been a busy week for other stuff – radio course, first aid course, a gig in Sheffield and a cinema trip to see a live broadcast of Shakespeare’s Corialanus. Phew!












Next week is looking slightly calmer, although it is my birthday on the 9th so the weekend will involve a lot of cake.

Total: 26.2 miles

(all distances in miles)

Week 7

Monday: v short intervals

Tuesday: cross

Wednesday: 5 (race pace)

Thursday: 6

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 (birthday neon parkrun and cake)

Sunday: 13.1 (Liversedge Half Marathon – not racing)


Week three went all kinds of wrong. I began by resting on Monday, having done something unknown to the back of my knee the previous Saturday. Tuesday I attempted a run, but after a few steps my calf snapped and I hobbled home. So then I rested more, upped the RICE, and went for a swim.

It got very frustrating and also got me down quite badly. Just shows how much I rely on my running as a coping mechanism (blog post to come on that soon … ish). Saturday morning I went to help at parkrun, but to be honest I got so cold standing around that it didn’t really help to cheer me up. I did have a lovely time with my family on Saturday/Sunday and ate a lot of food, and when I got back to Leeds on Sunday afternoon I managed a very short and very slow jog. It was nothing special, but my leg didn’t hurt so it was a success.

Week four needs to be much more pleasant or I will go very mad!

Total: 3 miles

(all distances in miles)

Week 4

Monday: 4 easy + strides

Tuesday: cross train

Wednesday: 5

Thursday: 6 intervals

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3

Sunday: 13.1 – Four Villages Half Marathon

Week two of marathon training started off well, but didn’t end quite so well.

My Monday morning run was an early one and straightforward enough. Tuesday I rested (and ate a lot) and on New Year’s Day I was up and out at the crack of dawn (literally) for a run along the Scarborough coast. It was marvellous and a perfect way to start the year. Thursday was steady, Friday I rested (but did a lot of walking) and Saturday I ran to parkrun. But this is when it went a bit wrong. I felt tight and sore behind my right knee and it was still there when I woke on Sunday, so I had to skip the long run. This was annoying but it was the only sensible option. Here’s hoping that I can get back on to it this week as planned, although I don’t think it will be much of a problem if I have to make Monday another rest day.

I have been cheered this week by the arrival of my marathon shoes and a yummy new t-shirt. Also, I had a fab time over new year with my friends. We watched 11 James Bond movies (Dr No to Moonraker) and ate and drank more than was necessary. Now to get back on the wagon!

Total: 18.05 miles.


(all distances in miles)

Week 3

Monday: 4 easy + strides

Tuesday: cross train

Wednesday: 6 (race pace)

Thursday: 5 (intervals)

Friday: rest

Saturday: 11

Sunday: 5 – Middleton PECO XC